DCC tools setup

Presentation covers how Rovio handle DCC (Maya/Python mostly) plugins and scripts in multi-project and multi-team environment. Goal for any tool is to make things easier and this should start from the installation already. Setting up you computer, all tools and scripts can be annoying task and even daunting for newly joined team member. Doing initial setup and loading your tools poorly just result unmaintainable mess which won't support your project as well as it could. This talk will go through how we approach this at Rovio, some best practices and what pitfalls you should avoid. Aim of the talk is to give listener a solid understanding about how custom DCC tools are made to support real-life production requirements.

Antti started his career on 3D computer graphics back in 2003 and with games in 2005. Since that his career has been going through few AAA games(Alan Wake (and DLCs), Alan Wake American Nightmare, Quantum Break), mobile games (several, but none published), one VR game (P.O.L.L.E.N) and also VR camera development (Nokia Ozo) and now he is working at Rovio as Senior Technical Artist.

Author: Antti Veräjäkorva

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