Looking past the future

In this presentation, I discuss my history as an engineer, my history in the gaming industry, and my current job at Sony as a future technology researcher. I will talk about engineering R&D from a gaming perspective.</p><p>Chris Norden has been designing, programming, and producing games professionally since 1994 and as an "unpaid hobby" since the late 1970s. Having worked at major companies such as Origin Systems, Looking Glass Technologies, Ion Storm Austin, and Aspyr Media, as well as starting several of his own companies, Chris has attained a broad level of technical knowledge and business experience that is a rare combination in this industry. From 2006 until 2015, he worked at Sony Interactive Entertainment America in the Developer Support group to help game developers optimize their code for all PlayStation platforms. He then spent two years in the Global Sony Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan to help developers around the world learn how to make and optimize virtā€¦

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