One woman team - being the only developer in game project

Making a ready to publish game as the only developer in a year? In a part-time contract? Sure, why not?! The crazy tale how an indie developer became a game developer for the City of Oulu. And how the RPG teaching about emotions - 'Pintaa syvemmälle' (Deeper than the surface) - came to be. I'll give you some tips on how to make games with people who don't even play them and how to make your design understandable for people outside the industry.

Johanna Verhiö has worked on different types of roleplaying games for 15 years. She is the producer of indie team - Team Run! - that made Haste Heist and an Oulu Game Lab survivor. Her RPG - 'Pintaa syvemmälle' (Deeper than the surface) - made for the City of Oulu will be released this fall.

Author: Johanna Verhiö

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