Reviewing adventure game genre for modern audiences

Anyone who has lived through the 90's love the adventure games from Lucasarts and Sierra. But no one has time to play them anymore. We at Nopia are reviving the genre with a new approach for the modern hectic times, combining the genre with Improv Theatre in an online format - showcasing the pipeline and development with our first title, Alvin from Earth

Teemu Erämaa is the founder and director of Nopia studios. Through Lahti Institute of Design, Prague, Paris, London, New York and LA working on animation and VFX, he came back to his roots to Pori, Finland where he has run a team of 11 people, programmers and animators working on game trailers such as Wolfenstein II, Halo 5 and Playstation and directing Nopia's own game products.

Author: Teemu Erämaa

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