The role of perception in VR

How can we make immersive but comfortable applications?
Technology has finally reached the stage where Virtual Reality has become accessible outside research laboratories, beginning a new era of immersive entertainment. However, most computer games cannot be translated into virtual reality without considering the properties of human perception. This presentation gives an interesting insight into human perception and Virtual Reality, while coupling theory with many real-life examples on how Cybersickness can be overcome in modern VR applications, such as video games.

Matti Pouke is a postdoctoral researcher with a keen interest in perceptual and psychological issues in Virtual Reality. Dr. Pouke got his PhD from University of Oulu, Department for Information Processing Science in 2015. Currently, Pouke is working at the Center for Ubiquitous Computing, University of Oulu, focusing on research related to 3D mirror worlds, Virtual and Mixed Reality and Cybersickness. He is responsible for teaching the course "3D Virtual Environments and Applications", that has become popular among students inside and outside of engineering fields. Dr. Pouke has also done several research visits to Japan, spending in total of one year in Hokkaido University and six months in Nara Institute of Science and Technology.

Author: Matti Pouke

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